About Me

Tessa, Sue and KieranI’m Sue Doyle – your Dog Behavioral Therapist and Dog Trainer here in the South Bay. As a professional dog trainer with Bark Busters, I educate and train you, giving you an understanding of canine instinct, perception and communication. I then guide you in training your dog by combining this knowledge with holistic, non-physical, pet-friendly training methods. In order to best understand the reasons for your dog’s behavioral issues and to provide you with lasting solutions, the training is tailored specifically for you and your dog. Lessons are conducted in your home and neighborhood, so they take place in a real-world setting. We also work on a 30-ft. leash at a local park to achieve focus, distance control and socialization amidst distractions.

My goal is for you to have the best possible relationship with your canine companion — a relationship based on mutual respect and trust, in which your dog fully recognizes your strong pack leadership. Training dogs properly is not as difficult or as time-consuming as you might think … in just 15 minutes a day, you can have a well-trained dog.

Additional Services Offered

In addition to personalized training, I offer presentations on subjects such as Understanding Dog Body Language and Dog Handling Safety to community organizations, school groups, and veterinary clinics — free of charge. I also provide complimentary 15-minute phone consultations.

My Pack

Kieran in ActionI’m currently the proud pack leader of Kieran, a five-year-old Welsh Terrier, whose original unruly behavior prompted me to seek out Bark Busters in the first place! He enjoys participating in Dog Agility classes, Earth Dog competitions, and just about any activity in which he can run his fastest and jump his highest. He accompanies me for breakfast or lunch when I check out the local dog-friendly cafes that are featured in my monthly e-newsletter. Recently, he’s volunteered to act as “distraction dog” on some of my lessons. Kieran is also living proof that by using Bark Busters techniques, you can train a prey-driven dog to ignore those pesky possums sitting on your back wall.

My recently departed Australian Cattle Dog mix, Tessa, and I were Delta Society Pet Partners for 11 years – visiting and performing tricks for patients at local mental health facilities and convalescent homes. It’s always exciting to learn that a client’s goal is to achieve Therapy Dog registration for their special canine.

Sue Doyle / 310.750.7772 / southbay@barkbusters.com

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